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Digging Up Your Root Health Issues

Off Beet Holistic Nutrition offers functional lab testing and nutrition consulting


How It Works

1. Functional Labs

2. Personalized Diet + Supplement Protocol

3. 1:1 Practitioner Support 

Off Beet Services

We help women address the root cause of many common issues, including:

Hormone Balancing

PCOS & Endometriosis

Preconception, Fertility, Postpartum

Adrenal & Cortisol Dysregulation

Digestive Concerns

Overall Wellness



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Allie’s guidance has helped me to choose foods that are nourishing to my body and spirit without the guilt or stress of a diet. She gives such encouraging reasons for good food choices and doesn’t make you feel like a bad choice is a failure. The insights she provides that address my specific health concerns have helped to nourish a sense of hope as I recover from cancer treatments. She has taught me to see food as a tool that empowers me to feel better and fill myself with good things rather than just a way to not feel hungry. After going through chemo and having so much taken out of me, I am so grateful for her help in choosing wisely and living better.

Jennifer H.

“I have been seeing Allie for the past 6 months. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, PCOS, and a failed IVF cycle, I decided it was time to take care of my overall well-being and health. Allie has been nothing but helpful and a dream to work with. She doesn’t make you feel like a client but a friend. She listens with understanding and is always there to answer questions. I value her knowledge of functional nutrition and her willingness to explain the science and logic behind it all. I have already made huge life changes that my body will thank me for years down the road.. all thanks to Allie!!”

Ivey S.

-Lacey P.

"Allie Parsons, of Offbeet Holistic Nutrition, is a holistic nutritionist extraordinaire, and has absolutely changed my life. She doesn’t even judge my dessert habit. My favorite thing about Allie is her practical approach to nutrition (you don’t have to live on grass and oat milk)! Allie can connect with anyone, anywhere thanks to her virtual appointments."

Terms and Conditions

*All information distributed by Off Beet Holistic Nutrition LLC is not to be considered medical advice. Always talk with your doctor before implementing any change in diet, lifestyle, or supplementation.

Terms and Conditions

For further description of Off Beet's services, please read here.

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