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Hi, I'm Allie!

I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner based out of Birmingham, AL. My story started with my sister being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at an early age. I watched her struggle with countless dead-end medical solutions and I became increasingly interested in the power of food. About the same time, I was diagnosed with PCOS and learned how to manage my symptoms and eventually reverse my condition with diet, lifestyle and supplementation. I went on to pursue a degree in Nutrition and multiple holistic certifications in order to serve individuals who long to dig deeper into their health and discover root causes of health concerns!​ I'm a total foodie and I have a serious sweet tooth for chocolate covered anything! In my free time, I farm veggies with my husband, 4 chickens, and my sweet Goldendoodle pup on our small family farm!​ My joy is to help those feeling lost in their health feel empowered and educated to meet all of their health goals!​


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