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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Do you treat or diagnose disease?

No! Functional nutrition is very different than a medical approach to health. With labs, we are looking into underlying stressors on the body that could be influencing your overall health and making adjustments using diet and supplementation. We never claim to treat or diagnose a condition.

2 / Will this work for me?

I hear you. You’ve tried it all, so what makes this different? The 1:1 approach and personalized protocol specifically for YOUR labs. My own story includes many medical dead ends and functional labs were the key to my healing. Though I never promise all of your goals will be met,  I always promise a thorough investigation into your health and the kind of care I’d want for my own family.  The majority of clients do see immense success within 3-6 months if they put in the work and consistency with the recommendations provided.

3 / How much of a time commitment will it be?

It’s all about what you want from the program! The only actual time committment you are signing up for are the included sessions (see the above package layout). Whatever work you put in outside of those sessions (watching provided learning materials, meal prepping, tracking your food/symptoms) is completely up to you! I’d say if you were to do all of the above at 100% effort, you’re looking at 2-4 hours per week total.

4/ Do you work across state lines?

Yes, I do! Because I am not a medical professional, but a Functional provider, my services are considered more of a “coaching” and “educational” service that is currently not restricted across state borders.

5 / Do you take insurance or will my HSA or FSA cover payments?

My services are not covered by medical insurance, but many clients have had success with paying directly from their HSA or FSA card accounts.

6/ Do you provide support after the program is completed?

Definitely. I leave you with a full layout of “next steps” and you are always welcome to continue care with me by purchasing individual sessions.

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