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Off Beet Services

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Lab Testing

Check out the Lab Testing Packages Below. To figure out the best option for your needs, discuss on your 15 min phone call!


Personalized Diet and Supplementation Protocol 

Based off of your Lab Results and your Initial Intake Session, you'll receive specific diet and supplementation protocol recommendations to help you meet your goals. 


1:1 Practitioner Support and Nutrition Coaching 

You'll have the option to work with Allie, FDN-P within a 3 month package or 6 month package with weekly support, unlimited communication, and 1:1 Support Sessions. Read about the entire structure!

Lab Testing/Program Options

Digging up your root health issues


Hormone and Energy Reset

Hormones have the power to make us feel strong, energetic, and thriving, or can truly bring us down. If you're someone battling hormonal imbalance, pms symptoms, endometriosis, pcos, infertility, and more, this is for you. To understand the root cause of your symptoms, we utilize a Stress and Hormone Saliva Panel, a Hair Elements Assessment, and an Organic Acids Test to understand your current hormone, metabolic, and mineral status. We then work together to find a diet and supplementation protocol based off of your results to help you find balance!  

This package includes:

  • Stress and Hormone Saliva Panel (Hormones)

  • Hair Elements Assessment (Minerals)

  • Organic Acids Urine Test (Metabolic Markers)

Digestive & Immune Reset

Are you struggling with digestion- bloating, indigestion, stomach pain, gas, diarrhea/constipation? Or even having symptoms of malabsorption like weak hair/nails, acne, skin issues, brain fog, or fatigue? Immune health sluggish? This is for you! We utilize a GI-Map and a Gut Barrier Assessment to dig deep into the root causes of your symptoms. We then create a personalized diet/supplementation protocol for you and work together to restore digestive balance!


This package includes:

  • GI-Map Lab (Gut Microbiome)

  • Organic Acids Test (Metabolic Markers)

  • Food Sensitivity Test (Measures of Inflammation)


Whole Body Wellness

Want to reset it all all?

This package includes it all:

  • Stress and Hormone Saliva Panel

  • Hair Elements Assessment

  • GI-Map Lab

  • Food Sensitivity Test

Info and Additional Functional Lab Testing

More information on labs currently available through Off Beet:​

  • GI Map: Assesses potential bacterial overgrowth, parasitic infection, fungal growth, beneficial bacteria, and intestinal health factors in the Gut Microbiome.

  • Organic Acids Test: Assesses metabolic markers and nutrient needs. 

  • Stress and Hormone Panel: Measures sex hormone and cortisol levels through saliva testing.

  • Food Sensitivity: Tests over 100 foods for sensitivity (underlying inflammation source).

  • Hair Mineral Analysis: Assesses mineral status and heavy metal toxicities.

Additional labs can be purchased as an add-on to any Off Beet standard packages according to specific needs (I.e. Thyroid blood work, DUTCH testing, etc.). Reach out for more info!



To receive the full breakdown for pricing, please book a free 15 min phone call to discuss your needs (as price will change per your needs). However, for a glimpse into pricing, expect to make an investment in your health ranging from $2000-$6,000. This is a life-changing, hands-on program specifically tailored for you, so it's all about what you want from it. 


Financing options starting as low as just $69/month are available to you. 


HSA and FSA payments are also typically eligible for coverage. 

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